What Do People Get – When They Get You? (Paperback)


Have you ever stopped to think about the impact that you make when you walk into a room or when you leave a room? Do people get the same you in every situation? Do your core values transfer into the various roles of you as a parent, sibling, employee, business owner, brief encounters, in the community, during a season of singleness or marriage? Whatever, your response, I am so grateful that this book has found you. What do People Get – When They Get You…features seven independent principles that will cause you to take an introspective look at who you really are and who you were called to be. It is also a tri-fecta of value, wisdom, and hope that will inspire and encourage you as you journey through this thing called life.

What Do People Get – When They Get You… is full of gems that will ignite your faith and support your personal growth. It will help you to see yourself differently and it will position you toward experiencing a better quality of life and ultimately living well.

God packed a lot into this book, I encourage you to read it several times and I believe you will gain something fruitful each time you explore the contents.